The First Step to Improve Your Building Efficiency – The Sub-Meter

January 09, 2019

When it comes to improving a building’s efficiency, whether you’re an engineer, a constructor, a property manager or a residential complex landlord, the solution you are looking for could be simpler than you think Sure, a costly and extensive feasibility study (which are already mandatory for large projects) to analyse the best way to make your building more efficient will work; however, the first step you should take is to install a sub-metering system to measure your actual energy consumption.

A sub-meter allows a landlord or a property manager to separate (clearly identifying) individual loads, and monitor individual water, electricity or gas consumption of each load.

Submetering Improves Building Efficiency

Submetering can even go ‘deeper’ and be used to analyse the efficiency of certain appliances or indoor and outdoor equipment. It can give you a complete overview of what is costing you on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. It helps you to cut costs and also to turn your building into an eco-friendlier environment.

Sub-metering allows you to take control over your entire energy consumption, be it water, gas, or electrical. It helps monitor areas where use is already at optimal levels and also where energy losses are occurring on a constant basis.

The savings that accrue from your building efficiency can be invested in more eco-friendly appliances and technology.

It’s Green, and It’s Eco-Friendly!

A greener building offers significant financial savings, including energy and water savings, waste reduction, lower operations and maintenance costs (as it monitoring assists in preventive maintenance). In addition, tenants are more likely to live and rent longer in an eco-friendly building. Companies retain employees who prefer to work for a company that cares about the environment. In today’s competitive world, cutting cost and improving efficiency go a long way to increase profits.

Sub-metering is a powerful medium to long-term investment in your building efficiency. The system pays off in several ways to impact many business expenses.

Sustainability and Energy efficiency

Building managers and building owners worldwide need to start adopting measuring systems in order to better and more efficiently manage their properties. This should be considered the standard, , especially if you are managing multiple buildings, business or any other facilities where energy losses occur on a daily basis.

Submetering is not only a necessary improvement for your building efficiency, but also the way of the future.


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