Types of electric meters and how they work

April 01, 2020

When you consider how difficult it must be to measure something which you cannot see, cannot taste, cannot grasp, cannot smell and cannot hear, you will realize how great of an accomplishment it was for engineers, like Oliver Shallenberger at

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5 Simple Ways to Save Energy in Your Buildings

March 18, 2020

Going green benefits everybody, from property owners to the environment. With a reduction in energy consumption, building owners save money while reducing their building’s carbon footprint. Not all buildings are the same, on an area benchmark, some

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Benefits of Using Milliamp Current Transformers in Submetering Applications

March 04, 2020

Current Transformers (CT) are devices that function as an interfacing solution between instrumentation devices and high currents. They can reduce or multiply an AC (alternating current), so if you have large, primary currents that you need to scale to

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Cutting Hefty Utility Bills with Technology/Data

February 20, 2020

Technology and Big Data analytics play a tremendous role in empowering dynamic management systems in smart grids. They enable the optimization of the flow of energy between utility providers and consumers. Data obtained by different solutions are then

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