Meter Reading Technologies

August 07, 2019

Technology has transformed the electric utility industry forever in many ways. Utility meters in the past required inspectors, building owners, or building managers to manually read off the face of meters at a property once a month or every quarter.

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Pros and Cons of Apartment Building Submetering

July 24, 2019

Sub-metering technology can be used in any kind of buildings, commercial, industrial, institutional, such as hospitals, sports centers, shopping, centers, condominiums, and apartment buildings. Any utility can be sub-metered to measure and bill a

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Using Data for Better Energy Management

July 10, 2019

Data plays a key role for making sound choices when it comes to making decisions leading to improved energy efficiency, better energy management and security. The energy world is changing rapidly, and some experts claim that there will be as much

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What Kinds of Buildings are Best Suited to Sub-Metering?

June 26, 2019

Sub-metering can be applied to any building. While it was typically used by property management companies with multiple tenants for billing individual consumption of utilities, its reach can be extended to multiple applications. One can think of

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