Helping Consumers Make Better Energy Decisions with Submeters

October 15, 2020

How Are Submeters Helping Consumers Make Better Energy Decisions?

In general, submeters and submetering help homeowners, landlords, property managers and industrial property owners to monitor their utilities clearly and efficiently. The availability of real time information allows consumers to make better decisions when it comes to their energy consumption.

Submetering offers many other benefits when it comes to energy usage. Let's take a look at how these useful devices enable consumers to be conscious energy users.

The Benefits of Submetering for Smarter Energy Usage

  1. Monitoring energy consumption is easy
    Consumers can choose to actively monitor how much energy they are using. This enables them to know exactly how much energy they have already used. It also reveals how much more they are likely to use by the end of the month. This essentially allows consumers to make better energy decisions if they wish. Many studies, have shown that people spend as much as 15% less energy when they are able to actively monitor their consumption.
  2. Submetering allows consumers to manage consumption
    Peak demand charges are one of the main reasons why consumers spend more energy than they should. Peak demand rates are much higher than the ones in off-peak hours. With submeters, consumers can monitor how much energy they're using at any given moment thus be more careful with their energy consumption during peak demand times. .
  3. Submeters as a business tool for cost reduction
    Submeters display real-time information on energy consumption, businesses can monitor how much specific equipment uses energy. This is especially useful to identify faulty equipment by looking at energy consumption data. That way, organizations actively see what exactly is increasing their electrical bills and can subsequently fix/replace equipment that are using up more energy than others

Submeters are made to collect data on energy consumption. Smart technologies are making that same data readily available to the consumer in real-time. Factual data is collected automatically and made easily available to all consumers.

The Bottom Line

All in all, submeters are a useful tool in the hands of both consumers and a wide variety of organizations looking to reduce their energy consumption. With overall energy usage being constantly on the rise, consumers can finally have control over how much of it they consume and thus make better decisions that will limit their costs.

Submetering continues to prove its immense usefulness, and why it is an excellent solution to monitor and control energy usage.

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