What is a Revenue-Grade Sub-Meter?

June 12, 2019

The increased public pressure to reduce carbon emissions and higher prices of energy are leading to better energy efficiency efforts. Energy needs to be spent more wisely, while any type of meter would serve this purpose; it is important that users

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Ontario’s New Energy and Water Reporting Program

May 29, 2019

Ontario residential/commercial building owners owning 100,000 sq/ft or larger are required to report the building’s energy and water use by July 1, 2019.

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Getting Ready for Electric Vehicle Trend

May 09, 2019

The demand for electric vehicles (EV) continues to grow. According to the IEA (International Energy Agency), there will be about 125 million EVs on the road by 2030. EVs have made significant progress in the last few years, and their number across the

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LEED requirements for Sub-metering

April 24, 2019

Energy efficiency refers to the method of reducing consumption of energy to attain the same amount of useful output; what most of us would call do more with less. By reducing energy waste and controlling how energy is being used, buildings cost less

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