Cutting Hefty Utility Bills with Technology/Data

February 20, 2020

Technology and Big Data analytics play a tremendous role in empowering dynamic management systems in smart grids. They enable the optimization of the flow of energy between utility providers and consumers. Data obtained by different solutions are then

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Energy Efficiency Trends of 2020

February 05, 2020

Energy efficiency improvements have an enormous impact on greenhouse gas emissions reduction and economic growth. The movement towards 'green energy alternatives' is evident all over the world. The increased number of solar and wind power generation

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What is Thermal Energy Metering?

January 22, 2020

Energy conscious communities are expanding their use of Central Thermal Energy Systems for heating/cooling buildings. Thermal Energy Systems use a central system to distribute energy throughout the building, property, or community. A heat exchanger,

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Best Cables for Submeter Communication

January 08, 2020

When planning to implement a communication system (such as a sub-metering system), attention needs to be paid to the structure of cabling, since it is an essential part of the communications structure. Having a planned and organized strategy is

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