Resource Efficiency vs Resource Conservation

February 18, 2021

From homeowners to building managers to global corporations - everyone is clamoring for lower utility costs and resource-saving technologies. Aside from the obvious financial advantage, any utility reduction directly leads to environmental

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Submetering Data Examples and How They can be Used by Building Managers

February 03, 2021

Resource consumption from a whole campus or a large fleet of buildings down to a single occupant’s hourly-use can be measured accurately through submetering.

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The Renter's Guide to Smart Meters

January 21, 2021

Whether or not you currently use them, smart meters will become common place in the near future. The benefits of having a smart meter are numerous, You may be surprised that a substantial number of people either haven't heard about smart meters or

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Understanding the True Costs (and Benefits) of Submetering

January 07, 2021

Generally, the submetering cost-benefit calculus is similar to many building retrofits, with up-front costs followed by long-term value and operational benefits. The capabilities and costs of meter systems can vary widely which also make it a complex

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